Every Sunday @ 8:00pm!!

The Blue Room Comedy Club is looking for the funniest person in Springfield! Come see these very funny amateur comedians. Mark your calendars, come out and join us support the up and coming comics from Springfield.

Wanna perform on Open Mic?

Everyone that wants to sign up MUST email to be put on the list. You will be emailed a confirmation response and the list will be posted on the Blue Room Comedy Club Facebook page. Any walk ups before the show will be put on the ALT list, which means if there is still time left at the end of the list you can get on stage.

Comic Meeting @ 7:45pm
(anyone who arrives after 7:45pm will not be put on the end of the list)

Show Starts @ 8:00pm

This is the Best Way to Start Comedy!

1.) Get on Stage every Open Mic

2.) Don't Be Afraid to Bomb

*Everyone does, even the pros !

3.) Keep doing the old stuff*

*Got to keep the old stuff fresh with the new stuff*

4.) Don't Steal Material

*There is no fast track to comedy, and stealing will slow you down*

5.) Record Your Set

*The best way to get better is to edit, edit, edit, edit, edit and edit*

6.) Stick to You Time

*Nobody likes a stage hog, always leave on the highest note*

7.) Hit the Clubs

*See as much comedy as you can*

8.) Make Nice with The Audience

*They are the ones you are building as fans in 5 seconds*

9.) Take a Notebook with You EVERYWHERE

*you never know when the next brilliant idea pop up*

10.) Be True to Yourself On and Off the Stage

*There is Truth in Comedy*